Dev Kit Tutorial – Create a weapon (Blink Dagger)

Last Updated On May 05, 2018
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Create a Blink Dagger, which will blink the player to the targeted location the dagger is thrown at

  1. Create a new folder called “TestBlinkDagger” under”..\Game\Mods\MyMod\”
  2. Copy the below blueprints to TestBlinkDagger folder and rename them (you can use references to search for blueprints that are to be copied)
    1. Blueprint for the item, dagger
      1. Dal_PrimalItem_WeaponStoneDagger→ PrimalItemWeapon_BlinkDagger
    2. Blueprint for crafting the dagger
      1. DAL_EngramEntry_WeaponStoneDagger→ EngramEntry_WeapWeapon_BlinkDagger
    3. Blueprint for the weapon, dagger
      1. Dal_WeapStoneDagger→ WeapWeapon_BlinkDagger
    4. Blueprint for the projectile
      1. Dal_ProjDagger→ Proj_WeapWeapon_BlinkDagger
    5. VFX files
      1. SkillPartical_Sheep_staff_disappear2→ SkillPartical_Blink_Disappear
      2. SkillPartical_Sheep_staff_disappear22→ SkillPartical_Blink_Appear
  3. Double-click MyMod_GameDataPlus_BP to configure its settings.
    1. Tech Tree Manager —- Mod Tech Tree Array
    2. Access the Skill Columns parameter à0 à Skills à
    3. 0
      1. Skill Name: Type in “ModWeapon”.
      2. Icon Image—-Image: reference the image techtree_icon_melee
  • Skill Description: Type in “Test Weapon”
  1. Skill Type: Select unknown
  2. Skill Source Descriptions
    1. 0: Type in “Level Up”.
  3. Skill Ranks
    1. 0
      1. Experience Needed: Type in “0” (This means that no experience is needed for unlocking)
      2. Level Requirement: character level required for unlocking; fill in “5”
      3. Skill Rank Rewards
        1. 0
          1. Engram Blueprint Classes: unlocking the knowledge will grant the Engram/recipe; reference EngramEntry_WeapWeapon_BlinkDagger
        2. _IndexID (Mods ID must in limit:’800-1000′): Knowledge ID should not conflict with other Knowledge ID, fill in “800”
    1. _IsNeedExp: leave unchecked, meaning false
    2. _NeedOwnTech: leave this blank
    3. _SourceDescriptionInfo
      1. 0; Type in “Level up to 5”
    4. Technic Tree Stat Add Value: character stat increase after unlocking the Knowledge.
      1. 0
        1. Property Type: Select Melee Damage Multiplier
        2. Modify Type: Select Modify Max Value Add
        3. Initial Value Constant: Type in “0.1”
        4. Display as Percent: Leave checked, meaning true
  1. Configure the EngramEntry_WeapWeapon_BlinkDagger blueprint
    1. Blue Print Entry: item blueprint, reference PrimalItemWeapon_BlinkDagger
    2. Engram Descriptive Name: Type in “My Blink Dagger”
    3. Engram Icon: reference Dagger_1H_0003_mesh
  2. Configure PrimalItemWeapon_BlinkDagger blueprint
    1. Weapon Template: reference WeapWeapon_BlinkDagger
    2. Item Icon: reference Dagger_1H_0003_mesh
    3. Base Item Weight: Type in “0.1”
    4. Item Quantity: Type in “99”
    5. Max Item Quantity: Type in “1”
  3. Configure WeapWeapon_BlinkDagger blueprint
    1. Skeletal Mesh: reference Dagger_1H_0003_mesh
    2. Weapon Ammo Item Template: reference PrimalItemWeapon_BlinkDagger
    3. Dont Actually Consume Item Ammo: leave checked for true
    4. Projectile Class: reference Proj_WeapWeapon_BlinkDagger
    5. Minimum Initial Speed: fill in “1000”
    6. Maximum Initial Speed: fill in “3000”
    7. Pulling Time for Maximum Speed: fill in “0.8”
    8. Minimum Pulling Time to Fire: fill in “0.2”
  4. Configure Proj_WeapWeapon_BlinkDagger blueprint
    1. Pickup Item Class: reference PrimalItemWeapon_BlinkDagger
    2. Pick Up Quantity: fill in “0”
    3. Percent Chance to Break on Impact: fill in “100”
    4. Graph Script:Set the Event graph to resemble the image below.
      1. see below