Dev Kit Tutorial – Setting Up the Editor

Last Updated On May 05, 2018
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  1. Create a mod folder
    1. Create a new folder under “..\Game\Mods\” and rename it to “MyMod” (Make this your mods name)
  2. Copy universal files from the GenericMod
    1. Copy the below files (in folder “..\Game\Mods\GenericMod\”) to the folder MyMod, and rename the prefix  “GenericMod_” to “MyMod_”
      1. GenericMod_LevelMyMod_Level
      2. GenericMod_GameData_BP MyMod_GameData_BP
      3. GenericMod_GameDataPlus_BPMyMod_GameDataPlus_BP
      4. GenericMod_TestGameModeMyMod_TestGameMode
  1. Set up properties in World Settings
    1. Change the following settings in the World Settings window to the new files created in your MyMod Folder


Override Files: ONLY set the files that are needed for Override

  1. Primal Game Data Plus Override (This will almost always be used)
    1. MyMod_GameDataPlus_BP
  2. GameMode Override
    1. Set to MyMod_TestGameMode
  3. Primal Game Data Override (this will almost always be used)
    1. Set to MyMod_GameData_BP 
  4. Primal Game Data Task Asset Override (this is for quests)
    1. Set to DefaultNone
  5. Structure Placer Blueprint Override
    1. Set to DefaultNone


  1. Save the “test” level file. Every time you change the mod that you are working on you will need to change these files and set the ones you dont need to override to None
  2. Open the Level file you just Created (May take a few seconds) MyMod_Level and set the WorldSettings Overrides in there as well. Again remember its only the ones your mod is actually using.
    1. Save the Level
    2. In your content browser Click on Game at the very top and Search for test, sort by level, as shown. Then Open the “test” level. Again this may take a few seconds. Do NOT load the DNL_ALL level. This is the entire map. Prepare to wait 10-15 minutes if you do. 🙂
  3. Open the PrimalGameData BP and Set the Game Mode