Knowledge ID System and How to Configure it.

Last Updated On May 05, 2018
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Understanding the Mechanics of Knowledge ID System

  1. Do NOT edit the base files for the HarvestComponent blueprints
  2. Follow the Table below to find What Action/Item you want to affect your Knowledge Experience gain.
  3. Understand the number that you choose will be between 1-799. Not all are currently used.
  4. This IndexID number may be used in MANY PrimalItem files, so make sure the one you select does only what you want it to do. For instance, 250 means to pickup stone however Harvesting Silver will ALSO give you experience because IndexID 250 is used in the SilverHarvestComponent.
  5. You can choose NOT to follow this system and use Index ID’s from 800-1000 for your Initial Skill Rank experience gain, however you will have to edit the BaseFile HarvestComponent file and figure out how to make the server reference it
  6. You can use 800-1000 in your PrimalItem_Weapon/Structure/ModItem under Config > Make and Repair Add Technic Exp Config. This will then be only called in your mod and not the core game. **There is a chance however that if another modder is using the same IndexID that you are Crating/Repairing the item could also level your mod’s items.
  7. If you use 800-1000 for Make and Repair Technic Exp Config on your PrimalItem files, then in your PrimalGateDataPlus file for your additional Skill Ranks (Not your initial. We covered that above why NOT to) you can set those Technic Index ID’s to unlock the additional Skill Ranks. However, keep in mind that if you use 800-1000 for you index ID’s the rest of your Skill Rank tree is dependent on you crafting/repairing your mods items. Killing, Harvesting and crafting Vanilla items will no longer affect your experience gain.
  8. Each Skill Rank has its own IndexID. Often you will find (if you copy a Skills tree already there) that the IndexID’s are in order. 250, 251, 252, etc. This is done because picking up rocks is 250. Picking up rocks is also 251, 252, 253(Meaning picking up rocks will level each Skill Rank as they become available) etc. However, crafting a StoneFountation has Make and Repair Technic Exp Configs for 251, 252, 252 etc, then crafting StoneWalls starts at 252 because 251 is no longer required for the skill tree.


Now that you Understand the Mechanics of it you can properly setup your Knowledge Node(Skills Tree):

  1. In YourMod_PrimalGameDataPlus there is the Skill Columns If you expand it you will see 0, 1, 2. These are where you will place your mod’s knowledge node. Best Practice is to put it where it makes sense.
    1. 0 – Weapons, Armor, TamingKibble/Items
    2. 1 – Magic, Base Defenses, Weapons could make sense here as well
    3. 2 – Structures, decor
  2. Click on the + on Skills to add a new Skill Give it a Skill Name (this is your entire Mod’s name), an Icon (use your own or use one available. Just check the other trees for one you like)
  3. Give the skill a Description and set the Skill Type to Unknown (Unsure of what setting other types affect at the time writing this)
  4. Skill Source Descriptions do not show up in game. This is how you tell your player what they have to do to get experience. This will be handled down farther in the tree
  5. Open the Skill Ranks tree and click the + to add an element
  6. Do not worry about the Unique Identifier or Debug Grant ID
  7. Set your Experience Needed, level Requirement, if you WANT to make another Skill Requirement in order to obtain your Skill Rank you can set that and its Skill Rank Level. Meaning You might want Stonework Rank 2 to be learned before yours is allowed to gain any experience. If you don’t want anything to be required first, then set your Skill Requirement -> Unknown and Skill Requirement Rank -> 0. This means that it’s not dependent on anything other than Level Requirement to begin learning your Skill Tree.
  8. Set your _IndexID You can set any number, 1-799 you want for these, but remember each ID will most likely have overlap somewhere. Check the IndexID Table and make sure it does only what you want it to do. Choose an IndexID that makes sense for learning your initial Rank and put it there. (ie: 250 is picking up stone, mining stone, silver, etc). You can continue to use 1-799 corresponding Id’s for the rest of your Skill Ranks or you move over to the 800-1000 IndexID’s. In your Skill Ranks 0Skill Rank Rewards PrimalItem’s file’s add Config>Make and Repair technic Exp Config> + > Technic Index to 800, 801, etc, Then go back to the Skill Rank’s IndexID and set 800 for Skill Rank 1. Now crafting the items in skill rank 0 will unlock skill rank 1. **Rememeber if other modders are using that number as well in their mod and its loaded on the same server, crafting their items can also affect your experience
  9. Add Skill Rank Reward and put your EngramEntry file for your PrimalItem here. You can put as many as you want, and they are all learned together. *** You can control being able to craft the item (even when unlocked by the Skill Rank system) in the PrimalItem itself. Explained Below.
  10. _IsNeedExp – Check this
  11. Source Description Info – This is one that shows up for the “To Increase this Skill:” in game. So set your 3 main things that gather experience (one of them should be Crafting your Mods Items)
  12. Technic Tree Stat Add Value – This is where you can set your Skill Rank to give the character a stat boost. We all love stat boosts. 😊
  13. Now you can move on to Skill Rank 1. Here in one is where you would set the IndexID to be 800, 801, etc so that crafting the items from Skill rank 0 will give Skill Rank 1 Experience. You can also set more experience to be required to maybe you don’t want them to access Skill Rank 1 until they hit level 40 now. Give it a challenge. Make them work for it. 😊 You can also give them a different stat boost than you did for Skill Rank 0 or don’t give them any stat boost at all.


PrimalItem File Changes and Controls: