Dev Kit Tutorial – How to create a map

Last Updated On May 05, 2018
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Creating a new map

(For the sake of these tutorial, we will provide example folder and object names)

  1. Create a folder in the Content browser
    1. In“..\Game\Mods\”, create a new folder and rename it to “MyTestMap”, which is used to store the mod files (The folder has to be placed under the Mods folder, and each mod needs a separate folder).
  1. Create a brand-new map from the File menu or load a map provided by the dev kit by double-clicking it in the Content Browser.
  2. Place a Player Start object by accessing the Modes Tab and selecting Basic, and then drag it directly into the scene.  You can use the Search Classes bar to search for it.
  3. Modify the scene as you like.  For example, try putting some creature bp or adding some colored lights in the scene by dragging and dropping the items from the Content Browser.
  4. Save the level to the MyTestMap folder (File ->Save As), and name the level as “MyTestMap”
  5. Click on the SteamUpload icon located on the top bar.
    1. Select MyTestMap on the left side of the screen
    1. Fill in the info in the Uploading section (it will be displayed in Workshop page).  For the preview image, click on Browse and select an image.
  1. Click Cook Map. This may take a while.
  2. Once finished, click Upload.
    1. Key in your Steam account, password, and verification code.
  1. Go to the Workshop page
    1. Click the blue link which will appear after a successful upload.
  1. Subscribe – start the game – use MyTestMap to launch a local game.